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You can Rely on Us!

You can Rely on Us!

Terms & conditions
of Gästehaus St. Lioba, Im Kloster 3, D - 66636 Tholey

1. Registration

1.1 The lodging agreement is concluded as soon as the room has been booked and confirmed, or made available. A room order via telephone will not suffice.
1.2 Reserved rooms are available from 12:00 onwards. If no other arrival time is explicitly agreed upon, we are entitled to assign the reserved rooms otherwise after 18:00.
1.3 Although we try to keep the commitments we make, claiming use of specific rooms or premises is not possible. When confirmed rooms or premises are not available, we are entitled to offer an adequate and equivalent alternative, even in a different hotel.

2. Departure
2.1 The rooms are available until 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure.

3. Payment
3.1 We are entitled to demand down payments for group reservations or foreign guests. If the agreed upon down payments are not received, we are entitled to cancel the lodging agreement.
3.2 Down payments are fully refunded, when cancellations are made on time.
3.3 Our invoices are payable in cash without deduction before departure. We accept Maestro- and credit cards for invoice amounts above 100.00 Euros.

4. Cancellation Policy
4.1 Reservation and booking cancellations need to be made in writing and must be confirmed by us.
4.2 Prior to 14 days of arrival date, cancellation is free of charge. Between 13 and 3 days prior to arrival, we claim 50% of the accommodation rates. The full accommodation rates are charged when cancellation occurs 2 or less days prior to the arrival date.
4.3 Group cancellations (10 Persons on up) are free of charge, provided cancellation takes place at least 42 days prior to the booked arrival date.
4.4 From day 41 until day 14 prior to arrival, we claim 50% of the accommodation rates. Between 14 and 4 days prior to arrival, we claim 70% of the accommodation rates. The full accommodation rates are charged when cancellation occurs 3 or less days prior to the arrival date.
4.5 As we act in good faith, we are obliged to undertake to otherwise try and rent out rooms to other guests. Until this room rental can be accomplished, the cancelling guest has to pay for the term of the contract according to No. 4.4.
4.6 Cancellation of daytime events prior to 2 days of arrival date is free, if the group’s size is up to 10 persons. For groups with more than 10 persons it’s free prior to 7 days of arrival date. If cancellation occurs later we claim 20% of the offer price.

5. Liability
5.1 The contracting parties and/or guests are fully liable for any damage they themselves may cause.
5.2 Use of the rooms by the guest other than indicated in the contract entitles the hotel to terminate the contract without notice and with the right to charge the original total amount.
5.3 Should force majeure prevent the Gästehaus from rendering any further services, then she denies any liability for damage or loss due to force majeure.

6. Miscellaneous
6.1 Forgotten property is only forwarded to the guest upon request and at guest expense. Gästehaus commits itself to store the property for a period of 3 months. After this time, the property is assessed; and if it is of value, forwarded to the local lost and found office.
6.2 No animals are allowed on the premises.
6.3 Should any provision laid out in these terms of contract be or become invalid, this will have no bearing on the validity of the remaining agreements.
6.4 Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is Saarbrucken.

Valid as of August 2017