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By all that is Right...

By all that is Right...

In all publications, Gästehaus St. Lioba will carefully observe to respect the copyright of graphics and text belonging to their respective owners. St. Lioba will either use its own text and pictures or resort to royalty free text and graphics. Any reproduction or use of these graphics or texts in any electronic or printed publication without prior express consent is prohibited.

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Although we carefully check the content; St. Lioba refuses to accept liability for content originating from external links. The content of third parties sites lies in the sole responsibility of their owners.

Exclusion of liability
This exclusion of liability is to be seen as an integral part of the website which links to and contains this page. If parts of or individual phrasing in this text are not or are no longer or not completely in compliance with current law, the other parts of the document shall remain unaffected in terms of their content and validity.